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Wishing You a Very Happy and Healthy
Holiday Season!

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Local Honey, Local Handmade Soaps,
Locally Baked Cookies and Breads,
Organic Teas, Herbs and Spices,
Natural & Organic Grocery
Organic Fruits & Veggies
Essential Oils, Candles & Lotions
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Peace, Love & Veggies to You and Yours!


And Happy non-GMO Month!!!
Check in store for shelf talkers that make it easy for you to spot GMO-free items and to make GMO-free choices!

We pledge to continue doing our part to
support organic and non-GMO agriculture,
locally and globally.

Certified Organic is by virtue, and by law, non-GMO.
If it is certified organic, not only is it non-GMO, it is free of synthetic petro-chemical based fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Often, local farmers are not certified organic, however they utilize organic and sustainable growing methods. Talk with your local farmer, ask them if they grow organically and if not, ask them if they would consider it. 

Healthy Harvest proudly supports
local organic farms and organic producers.
So much so that we only grow and buy organic produce.
We work diligently, tirelessly and emphatically with our distributors to gain more access to and when available
to buy only organic and GMO-free foods for our grocery. 
This is important to us. 

Harvest Time and Dragon's Tongue Beans

One day a sweet local lady came by and kindly gave me a few of these seeds to plant. She told me of how she and her husband had been growing them for years, saving the seed with every harvest so as to grow more the following year.
Originally the seed was given to his mother by his grandmother. 
Pictured here are the seeds I have gathered from the plants which were grown from the seeds they shared with me.
I am going to plant them again next year!

The seed is fundamental to life, 
it is the stuff from which life springs.

Seeds are for us to share, to plant, to nurture,
to grow and to share again.

This non-GMO month, join us as we celebrate life and the seeds from which it joyfully springs forth! Join us as we celebrate local organic farmers who grow our food,
 and the local chefs 
who incorporate love and passion 
into preparing it!

 Staff Favorite 
Educational Films on the health and environmental effects of GMOs:
Genetic Roulette and 
The Future of Food
Watch Genetic Roulette Online at
Websites for further education on GMOs and what you can do:

Awesome Autumn
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Certified Organic

Plant Starts
are here!
Toscano Kale
Red Kale
Collard Greens
Brussels Sprouts
Purple Cauliflower
Chines Cabbage
Red Cabbage
Green Cabbage

Certified Organic Gardening Seeds

Busy Bee Farm
Local Steaks-
NY Strip- $10 lb.
Ribeye- $12 lb.

Lots of new
exciting items
this month!

Join us at the
Connestee Falls Clubhouse
Monday, June 9

12:00 noon
Connestee Falls, Brevard, NC

For a Lunch and Learn 
with Stella Godwin

of Healthy Harvest 
Natural Foods
Great food and conversation as we learn more on the wholistic benefits of eating organically, supporting our bodies with herbal supplementation, 
exercise and proper rest as well as the 
mental, spiritual and physical benefits of 
growing our own organic foods!

Healthy Harvest at 885-2599
for details!


Happy May!!!
Save 20% on ALL
Gaia Herbal Supplements!!!
Save an additional 5%
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totaling a 25% savings!

Healthy Harvest to Present Free Community Lectures
Friday - May 2
Healthy Harvest Natural Foods of Brevard to present two free community lectures, Friday May 2nd! 

Beginning at
12:00 noon to 12:45-

Brian Hampton of Gaia Herbs to present the lecture "The Health Benefits of Turmeric," as well as introduce Gaia's new Turmeric Supreme line, which is locally produced in Transylvania County. For thousands of years Turmeric has been valued in Ayurveda, the traditional medicine system of India. Today, science has identified compounds in Turmeric, curcumins in particular, which support healthy inflammatory function- maintaining overall health and vitality. The Turmeric Supreme family of products represents full Curcumin Synergy by delivering better absorption, better support. ( 

Gaia's new Turmeric line includes Turmeric formulations such as Turmeric Allergy, Turmeric Heart, Turmeric Pain and Turmeric Pain PM. Learn more of these unique blends and of Gaia's "Meet Your Herbs" program
with Mr. Brian Hampton of Gaia Herbs. 
Mr. Hampton will be available following the lecture to answer any additional questions.
From 1:00 to 2:00, Friday May 2,
Joy Reser  of Joy on Your Shoulders to present her lecture, titled "Increase Your Peace Quotient." Joy offers inspiration to others and will take you on a journey of gratitude and creativity as she shares her story of healing. Through her company, Joy on Your Shoulders, Joy brings unique and inspirational wares wherever she wanders. These joyful wares are handmade in Brevard of imported batik and each product has a positive word or message screen printed onto it, such as
"Dance," "Create," "Shine Your Sweet Self," and "Cultivate Kindness." For more about Joy and Joy on Your Shoulders, visit her web site at
Please call Healthy Harvest to reserve your seat for one or both of these free community presentations. 828- 885-2599.

It's time to Garden!

Local non-GMO open-pollinated Seeds
from Sow True
available now!

April 2014
Hello!! Happy what seems like Spring!!! What a wonderful past couple of days :)
A little snow and ice and then today... 70 degrees!

Needless to say I was out in the garden today,
clearing brush, trimming the 
catnip and nettles back to find the new life emerging beneath the leaves.

The miracles of life and
nature always succeed in amazing me!

At Healthy Harvest it pleases us to announce that our first round of planting seeds are in!!
We source our seeds from Sow True Seeds,

a local seed company that specializes in open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds

offering certified organic varieties.
We also have a selection of organic growing materials

including sea kelp and fish emulsion.
As interest in organic soil amendment products grows,

we will implement more stock of these soil amendments in addition to our wonderful seeds.

Our NC grown 100% certified organic plant
starts will be in late April!



Simply put, Compost Tea is a living solution. It is the act of growing microorganisms, or microbes, in an aerated solution using biological inoculates and food sources. Compost tea contains living beneficial microbes found naturally in healthy soil and compost. When added to a growing situation these microbes replicate and perform dynamic and often immeasurable functions that naturally increase plant health, soil vitality, nutrient absorption, resistance to pests & disease, and help the plants to acquire nutrients that may not be in a plant available form. 

Introductory offer $10 a gallon (reusable glass jar), living spring water infused)

If you're ready to get your snow peas and kale seeds in,
let's organic garden y'all!

The very best local seeds available

are ready and waiting for you, right here in
Brevard at Healthy Harvest!

March 2014


Organic and Clean Body Care Products


The Grapeseed Co.


These luxurious body care products are a must have

for those who delight in lotions, toners, serums,

body butters and all things silky and pretty!


Handmade in a sweet little shop in Santa Barbara California,

the girls at the Grapeseed Co. use the left over grapeseeds

from the surrounding wine country of Napa and Sonoma

to create their own very special grapeseed oil.

Grapeseed oil is one of the most powerful topical antioxidants!

Knowing that these products are handmade in small batches

using an in house grapeseed oil

from the freshest seed (that would otherwise go to waste)

makes these delightful body care, or should I say body love

products, even that much more special.

So far my fav is the grapeseed, acai and shea

Rosevine Whipped Body Butter!

I can't wait to try them all!!


January 2014

Early Morning
January Snowfall!
Happy New Year!!! 2014!!!
May 2014 bring you health & happiness.
May we see and have an
abundance of good food,
ever enough to feed & nourish
all the peoples of earth!!
May you see and be a shift in the agricultural paradigm toward one of diverse sustainability
where all prosper and deeply connect once again, or some perhaps for the first time,
with this beautiful earth
which gives us all life
and everything we could ever hope for!
Together, may we honor that which sustains us in deepest gratitude.

Happy New Year!!!

December 2013

Wishing You a Very Happy and Healthy
Holiday Season!

Save 35% on Gaia Herbs
Black Elderberry
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Local Honey, Local Handmade Soaps,
Locally Baked Cookies and Breads,
Certified Organic Teas, Herbs and Spices,
Natural & Organic Grocery
Certified Organic Fruits & Veggies
Essential Oils, Candles & Lotions
Whole Food Supplements
Extraordinary Gift Ideas!

Peace, Love & Veggies to You and Yours!

November 2013
"Boost Your Immunity, Naturally"
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Sign up now to reserve your local antibiotic-free/hormone-free/free range
Holiday Turkey!
October 2013
Check out our selection of Organic Halloween candy!

Happy Non-GMO Month!

Check out our selection of Organic Halloween candy!
October 2013
Save 20%
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fish Oils!
Omega-3, Omega 3-6-9, DHA, Cod Liver Oils,
Ultimate Omega,
Chewable Vitamin D3 as well as all Nordic Naturals Children's Supplements! 
Nordic Naturals has also partnered with Give2the Troops! 
For every bottle sold of
Ultimate Omega,
Complete Omega,
Children’s DHA,
Omega-3, and
Nordic Berries
Nordic Naturals will send one bottle of Ultimate Omega to our troops!

Non-GMO month
at Healthy Harvest with
incredible savings and special events!
See in store for additional details!

September 2012  
Save 35% on selected Gaia Herbs!
Healthy Harvest Natural Foods
is a proud 2013 Bracken Mountain Sponsor
of the Mountain Song Festival
A benefit for the
Boys and Girls Club of Transylvania County.
It's Autumn Plantin' Time!!!
Autumn/Winter Garden Seeds have just arrived from
Johnny's Selected Seeds (Certified Organic)
Sow True Seeds
(Local, Non-GMO, Non-Treated and Open Pollinated)
Persian Cress
Ford Hook Giant Swiss Chard
Spicy Mesclun Mix Mixed Greens
Georgia Southern Collards
Lacinato Kale  
Red Russian Kale 
Blue Curled Scotch Kale
Excellent for homemade Kale Chips!
Mustard Greens- Green Wave and Red Giant
Encore Lettuce Mix
Winter Giant Spinach

Green fillet beans; royal burgundy bush beans; lima beans; summer squash; zuchinni; cucumbers; heirloom tomatoes; purple peppers; green bell peppers; orange, white and purple carrots;
patty pan squash; okra; heirloom corn; beets and more!

We are also growing lots of organically grown herbs
Basil, Dill, Oregano, Thyme and Mint.
Our organically grown herbs are available by special order for larger amounts.
Call or email us and we will bring them in for you to pick up fresh the following day!

Great for making pesto, pickles and sauces!

contact us at:

Photos of Locally Growing

Native Medicinal Botanicals

Herb Walk ~ Medicines from the Earth Symposium
American Ginseng


Witch Hazel

Wild Hydrangea

St. John's Wort
November 2013!

Grab 'n Go Local Lunches!!
We are keeping it simple yet extraordinary!
Every week we are featuring an amazing
veggie wrap, freshly made hummus,
muffins and cookies
prepared  locally with love
by our favorite chef, Anne of
~Wild Indigo Catering~

We invite you to help us support locally grown, locally produced
and locally prepared foods!
Excellent site for how-to composting at home!

Peace, love and vegetables! 

February is Heart Health Month at Healthy Harvest!

Nordic Naturals Fish Oils meet or exceed international pharmaceutical standards, exceptional freshness levels and award winning purity levels, great taste, multi-patented manufacturing process and research based innovation, corporate social responsibility and sustainable sourcing.

Nordic Naturals fish oils are in their true triglyceride form.

True Triglyceride vs. Ethyl Ester Form of Fish Oil
Ensuring optimal absorption

The established health benefits of omega-3s are based on decades of data—much of which are based on natural triglyceride omega-3s. Whereas most concentrated fish oils on the market today are in the ethyl ester molecular form—a synthetic fat with only 18 years of history in the human diet—all Nordic Naturals formulas are produced in true triglyceride form to ensure optimal absorption and results. New research shows that the absorption advantage of the triglyceride form is significant—up to 70% more than ethyl esters.

Dyerberg J, et al. Bioavailability of marine n-3 fatty acid formulations. Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids 2010 Sep; 83(3):137–141.

Our Annual Groundhog Day Celebration was a raving success!!
Thank you for lending your beauty, love and spirit of play to this festive
customer appreciation day
in Brevard!!!

A special shout out to our wonderful local massage therapists
John Gale and Micah Couttet, Wild Indigo,
Gaia Herbs, Don and Skip from WSQL for broadcasting live, The Moonshine Babies for a beautiful performance
and Kombucha Kimmie for her amazing
Kombucha babies!

Happy 2013!!!
Many blessings to you and your family throughout
the new year and always!

We want to go ahead and let you know so you can mark your calendar, February is not only national heart health month but also a great time to celebrate!
Join us for our annual
Groundhog Day
When: Saturday, February 2nd...Groundhog Day 2013!!!!!
Where: Healthy Harvest Natural Foods
Time: Noon until 4:00 PM
Delight in a live musical performance by local musicians, Suzanne, Jerry and Kurt of the Moon Shine Babies while enjoying a delicious organic, vegetarian and gluten-free lunch locally prepared by Wild Indigo Catering.
Free chair massage by local massage therapists
John Gale and Micah Couttet as well as Herbal tea samples with Brain from Gaia Herbs!
Mark your calendars now and come on by Feb. 2 for a great day of music, organic food and community as we celebrate life, love and happiness in Brevard!
This is a free event for the Healthy Harvest community
of friends and family!
We appreciate you!!!

Peace, love and happiness!

December 2012

We invite you to check out our fun and eclectic selection of holiday gifts ideas!

Gift Idea #1 ~ Certified Organic Tea and Local Honey Basket

This gift is always a hit!
When I make my tea selection, I do my best to pick what my friend or family member would like, then I place the tea in baggies and tie them off with a beautiful piece of ribbon.
Raffia makes a nice bow as well!
We also have a large selection of pre-bagged organic teas.

Gift yourself with a nice box of lavender chamomile tea :)

Gift Idea #2 ~ Scents-ability

Fill a basket or gift bag with your loved one's favorite scents!

Choose from our amazingly uplifting and relaxing selection of pure essential oils.
Electric and candle essential oil diffusers as well as
 salt lamps are also available.

Candles anyone?
Check out our super groovy candles for even the most sensitive sniffer!

Choose from non-GMO soy and palm wax candles,
scented with pure essential oils.
Our candles contain no artificial fragrances and are made with lead-free wicks.

Gift Idea #3 ~ Fun for the Fabulous Foodie!

With this idea, the possibilities are infinite!

Gift Idea #4 ~ Love that Beautiful Body Basket
Infinite possibilities with this one too!

My favs are bath salts, soaps and lotions.

Choose from Botanical Detox Bath Salts,
Burt's Bees Bath Crystals,
Masada Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts and relaxing joint
and muscle relief bath salts.

Want to make your own unique bath salts?  Fun!!!

In our bulk body care section, choose from a base of dead sea salts or bath salts.
The bath salts ingredients are: sea salt, kaolin clay powder and organic jojoba oil.
To either base, add your favorite essential oils and that's it!
For color add a pinch of lavender, calendula or chamomile flowers, also available in our bulk herb section.
I like to mix these in a large stainless steel bowl, then place the finished salts in pretty  jelly jars or mason jars. A nice piece of raffia tied around the lid looks nice, and for even more fun, I like to get out my colored pencils and create a wonderful little tag,
explaining the ingredients and perhaps draw some pretty flowers or some design on the tags. With a hole punch, I punch a hole large enough the slide the raffia through, tie it off and ... viola!
A beautiful and meaningful handmade gift!

You can also make your own body and room sprays!
We have blue cobalt spray bottles.
Add water and your favorite essential oil,
shake well before using and there you have
your own custom body or room spray!
It is really fun to decorate these bottles using glass glue,
a little glitter and raffia.

Have you tried Indigo Wild Zum bars yet?

OMG! I love these soaps! These you just gotta come in and check out!
We have over 20 varieties that are sold in bulk. These are cool because you slice the soap yourself...little bars, big's up to you! Mix and match scents to create the perfect combination for your friends and family!

We also have Zum holiday soaps already sliced and decorated with ribbons!
In addition to the soaps, check out Zum candles, body and room sprays and whiff sticks.

Choose from a delightful selection of
hand and foot creams,
body lotions, soaps, and body oils.

These make great gifts and stocking stuffers!
Gift Certificates are available!

These are just a few gift ideas. We are happy to help you find that perfect gift!
 I hope you have as much fun with them as we have!
Peace, Love, Happiness!

November 2012
~There is much to be thankful for this season~
For me, awakening to a soft snowfall on the farm this morning was a welcomed surprise! In the afternoon I walked up to the lower pasture to check on the winter rye.
As the leaves have fallen and the wild grasses have browned, the bright green blades of winter rye stand indomitable!

Winter rye likes cold weather and will continue to grow throughout the winter months, it's root systems fixing nitrogen into the soil.
No matter how many times I observe what I consider to be miracles within our environment,
I am continuously in awe and in gratitude of nature's synergies.
Come spring, we will turn the rye into the soil as a green mulch.
Until then, I can only dream of next years' crops!

I recently visited a friend who is giving me a some of his organic chocolate cherry tomato seeds,
seeds which he saved from his tomato crop this year.
I am so thankful for these seeds and excited to begin growing these!
Chocolate cherry tomatoes are a delicious heirloom cherry tomato,
and they are really pretty too! 

Winter is good for plannin' next years' garden!
As the season changes, it's a great time to boost our immune systems! Woohoo!

Helpful hints to healthy immunity:

Our digestive system is an integral part of our immune system.
Personally, I eat only organic foods as it is my belief that foods grown or produced with synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs
and/or in conjunction with herbicides such as Roundup, suppress not only our digestive systems and immune systems but our nervous systems as well. Organic foods, which are free of synthetic chemicals, as well as being GMO free, nourish my body and enhance my body's immune function.
In addition to supplementation when needed, such as herbal supplements, digestive enzymes and probiotics,
pure unadulterated nutritious food  is the key to health.

Also, if you enjoy garlic, incorporate organic garlic into your diet whenever you have the opportunity.
Garlic supplements (which are tasteless and odorless) contain allicin, the major biologically active component of garlic and the key ingredient responsible for the broad-spectrum of anti-bacterial activity in garlic.
Allicin is shown to have incredibly positive effects upon the immune system.
You can also start your day with a nice glass of water with the juice of a fresh squeezed organic lemon, mixed with a just touch of organic cayenne pepper powder. This stimulates bile production thus giving the digestive system a kick start and also gives the cardiovascular system
a bit of a warm hug first thing in the morning.
Did I mention that it helps to cleanse the liver, kidneys and bloodstream too?
Such a simple remedy that does so much good for the body!


Next time you are making a pot of soup to warm your bones on a chilly day, throw in a little astragalus,

which we sell in bulk (very inexpensive), and let it simmer with your veggies and other goodies.
Astragalus is a prime immune enhancing herb as it is a strong antiviral agent, working to produce extra interferon in the body.
Astragalus also nourishes exhausted adrenals to combat fatigue.
With the holidays fast approaching, astragalus is a wonderful and supportive herb.
Supplements such as Black Elderberry, Olive Leaf extract and Probiotics are definitely key in my arsenal of immune system boosters and if I ever get the slightest sniffle, or achy feeling, Gaia's Quick Defense is my body's best friend!
Quick Defense is a phenomenal herbal combination of Echinacea, Andrographis and Black Elderberry.

Our bodies are whole systems. In order to keep our  immune systems  boosted,
it is important to simply acknowledge all systems of the body,
as these systems work synergistically to keep us healthy and feeling good.
Our body's systems are not isolated one from the other, rather they are connected, one to another,
much as we as individuals are connected one to another as a community;
and as a community we are connected to our larger global family and as a species we are connected with the earth.
When one system is down, other systems suffer; When one system is boosted, other systems are boosted!
Wholistic living is pretty interesting, don't you think?

October 2012
Boost your immunity, naturally, this season with Black Elderberry!
Black Elderberry, also known as Sambucus Nigra L. and Sambucol,
has a strong heritage and was referred to as “medicine chest” by Hippocrates (400 BC).
Elderberry grows in our region and some of you may remember your parents or grandparents making elderberry jam and elderberry wine back in the good ol’ days!
These days, elderberry foods are still delicious, especially when homemade with love,
and current research data has shown Black Elderberry extract to be effective in enhancing the body’s natural immune and inflammatory response, as well as in shortening the duration of influenza A and B.
The following is an exerpt from a study conducted by the NIH, the National Institute of Health:
“We conclude from this study that, in addition to its antiviral properties, Sambucol Elderberry Extract and its formulations activate the healthy immune system by increasing inflammatory cytokine production.”
The holiday season is fast approaching!
October is non-GMO awareness month
at Healthy Harvest Natural Foods!
For information as to what GMOs are,
please see in store for details.
We have some written data to give you that answers the questions:
What are GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)? Are GMOs safe to eat?
What are the impacts of GMOs on the environment?
How do GMOs affect farmers? And which foods might be GMOs…
How do you know your food is GMO free? If your food is Certified Organic, under federal guidelines, it is GMO free. You can also look for the NON GMO Project verification on non-GMO products.
Currently in the US, we have an  organic labeling system and with that comes a ton of relief…
however someday (and soon) we will not only have a non-GMO labeling system,
but a labeling system that will tell us if something is GMO!!
As most of you know, getting GMOs labeled has been a great passion of mine for many years. Last year as you know, I developed a label GMOs petition following an inspirational visit to Congressman Shuler's office in Washington DC. This year when I returned to Washington in April, I delivered the signed petitions which held over a thousand local signatures from right here in Transylvania County! The signed petitions, or letters of support (as they like us to call them) were well received and together we, the people,
are making a huge difference!
The following is a letter that I received from Edward Pavia, a legislative fellow in Congressman Shuler's office after sending him additional information on H.R. 3553, The Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act. H.R. 3553 is a proposed piece of federal regulation that would label GMO containing foods.
H.R. 3553 has 21 co-sponsors.
I also sent Mr. Pavia information on NC House Bill 446, which would label GMO foods and milk containing bovine growth hormone (rBGH).
The following email is not only for me but for all of us...
Thank you for the additional information, I will definitely bring it to the Congressman’s attention.  We have begun to respond to all of the constituents that are located in our district in regards to the petitions you supplied us with and they should be receiving letters that show the congressman shows interest in the issue.  I will research HR 3553 to see what action has been taken on the bill and I will speak with the Congressman about it. 
Thanks again for all of your hard work you are doing for western North Carolina.
Edward Pavia - Legislative Fellow
Office of the Honorable Heath Shuler
229 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
For additional information on H.R. 3553, please visit
(or your favorite site :)
On a local level, NC House Bill 446, which would label GM foods and milk containing bovine growth hormone (rBGH), was filed on March 24. It passed first reading and was referred to Corn on Agriculture Committee.

In the last year, thirty-six bills dealing with the labeling of genetically engineered foods have been introduced in
Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia.
The best news to date is that a GMO labeling proposition has made the ballot in California!
In November, Californians will have an opportunity to vote (yay democracy!) for the labeling of GMOs.
Please tell everyone that you know in the state of California to vote yes to prop 37!!!
I want to know what is in our food, don't you?
The passing of prop 37 (keep your fingers crossed) will be an  incredible breakthrough as it will set the precedent for other states as well as become a prototype for federal regulations in GMO food labeling.
Why should you care?
Check out the following web sites:
Info on GMOs from the Institute for Responsible Technology:
Help us to spread the word on GMOs and the importance of GMO labeling!
The best way to grow organic non- GMO food is to sow organic non-GMO heirloom seeds!
For many years we have carried organic non- GMO heirloom seeds at Healthy Harvest.
At Healthy Harvest, we carry only the best!!!
I mentioned in September’s newsletter, a local organization, Slow Money (which reminds me of the Slow Food movement) and a meeting that I attended last month at the library. I have been asked by the local Slow Money liaisons if I would send additional information in my next newsletter and of course I said sure!
Check it out…
The Slow Money Movement Comes to Transylvania County

In her last newsletter, Stella mentioned the first Slow Money NC -
Transylvania gathering on Aug. 28 which brought together local food producers and local citizens interested in supporting them.  Presenters briefed over 30 attendees on the Slow Money movement in North Carolina and Transylvania County. She also invited us to contribute an article to her newsletter, which is distributed to so many of you who are interested in healthy locally produced food.

Slow Money is a national network of local groups of people who care about soil fertility and sustainable farming. By staging conversations and facilitating linkages, Slow Money helps connect interested people with local farmers and other food producers in their own communities, building new relationships and new sources of capital for small food enterprises. It is supported by people who believe in eating locally produced food and supporting the hard-working farmers who grow it. 

The Slow Money movement began in 2008 and was brought to
North Carolina in 2010.  Since then, over $570,000 in affordable loans have been made to sustainable farmers and other food producers throughout NC by ordinary people in their communities who want to make a difference
in the local food economy.

Money NC has been in Transylvania County since April, 2012.  Michael and Casey Lance, owners of Calee's Coop's Farm, were the recipients of the first Slow Money NC loan to be made in Transylvania County

The Lances started their farm in 1998 as a hobby.  Now they have 500 chickens and 15 hogs, and provide eggs and pork products to the local tailgate market and retail outlets in
Transylvania County, including Healthy Harvest.  The Lances needed to expand by building an additional coop. A Slow Money loan jump started their expansion and will help them satisfy the growing demand for their eggs.

Here in
Transylvania County, we want to expand the project by bringing together potential small investors, farmers and food enterprises to talk about how to build stronger relationships and a stronger local food economy. We welcome invitations to speak with interested groups of people.

For more information about Slow Money NC, visit, or contact us:  Jeannie Falknor at 828-200-1323 or Mary Scott Christfield at 828-553-6789.  We are the
Transylvania County liaisons for Slow Money NC.
Think globally, act locally.

September 2012
A lot of you have asked me to keep you updated on the progress at the farm, so here is a brief update! :)
We have officially broken ground on the farm!
The beauty of Mountain Rose is that the land has never been used to grow crops, as it was originally a horse farm. That means dense nutrient rich soil but also means a lot of work! In the lower pasture, the designated spot for the organic gardens, we removed six trees (four were dead and two live ones) along with their roots!Jake, Israel and Mario helped with this project and let me tell you, they are experts at what they do!
I know some folks saw the trailers down by the road and were wondering what we were doing up here!
We had chainsaws going, a big ol' backhoe taking out huge root systems and loosening the compacted soil,
a tractor to till and to remake the road up to the barn...oh yea and a wood chipper too!
Of course I was snapping before and after pictures and taking soil samples from each area.
The feel of the soil between my fingers is the most wonderful feeling in the world. ahhh!! 
After the guys packed up their saws, loaded up the back hoe and everyone left, I went outside with a sprig of white sage and headed up to say a prayer in the spots where the trees once stood. My neighbor walked outside with his adorable doggie and asked, "How's it goin'?"
I told him what a great job the guys had done and that I was headed up to the pasture to honor the trees which had given us shade and oxygen.
He looked at my woodshed, looked at me and said,
"And now they will be giving you warmth!"
The full circle of life! We both, in that moment, almost did a little dance as we realized
the beauty of utilizing all parts of the trees and the cycle of life!
I continued on to the pasture and proceeded to thank the trees for their shade, the oxygen they provide and the warmth they provide during the winter months.
When I was a kid, my Mom used to tell me to thank the mountains for giving a place to live and when we would walk in the forest to thank the plants for keeping us well. My great grandmother would always tell us grandchildren to practice mindful gratitude and when you feel sad, look to the intrinsic qualities of God within nature and it'll usually bring a smile to your face!
Later in the month I'll be planting a winter cover crop of hairy vetch and winter rye. These cover crops will enhance the soil even more so with organic nutrients. Before the rye and vetch go to seed in early spring,
we will cut it back and use the cuttings as a green mulch! I have a huge compost pile going now which incorporates organic materials from the wood chips with leaves and veggie scraps.
The green mulch provided by winter crops as well as their root sysems are totally amazing and we will delight
in the spring when we have it all combined with the compost and are ready to plant organic vegetables!!!
Graceful Solutions
The other day a lady came in the store and we talked about graceful solutions,
my new favorite combination of words in which to describe solutions that enhance our lives with grace,
solutions that do no harm and solutions which are practical.
She pulled out her smart phone and showed me an amazing practical sprouter that she had found.
Graceful solutions!
Organic foods and whole food supplements are just that too,
graceful solutions!
Organic foods feed us and make us healthy and keep us healthy with their wonderful  intrinsic qualities.
Growing food organically doesn't deplete the soil of vital nutrients, rather it maintains the nutrients present in the soil as well as enhances the soil by working with it in an environmentally conscientious manner which also preserves local ecosystems.
Those nutrients, that magnesium and iron for example, passes to our bodies when we consume these foods!
Supplementing our diets with whole food vitamin and minerals as well as herbal supplementation
are definitely graceful solutions too!
I have heard so many success stories about the intrinsic healing properties of Black Elderberry
during cold and flu season! Gaia Herbs produces a most delicious and effective Black Elderberry syrup.

July 2012

Fresh local organic heirloom tomatoes are in!!!!!
This year I planted mostly Brandywine and of course, my all time favorite, the delectable Cherokee Purple heirloom tomato.
Our cherry tomatoes, or tommy toes as we like to call 'em,  have been referred to as mother nature's finest candy! 
Also in from the  garden~ cucumbers, daikon radish, sunflowers and
fresh organic herbs including parsley, sweet basil, thai basil, dill and cilantro.

As some of you know I have recently purchased a mini farm!
I call it a mini farm as it is a modest three acre farm, not 20 or 100 acres or anything like that, but I am the type of person who can make a lot happen with a small amount of space! :) With three acres, I plan to grow an organic garden like never before!! Next year we will have a truly bountiful organic, non-GMO harvest to share with you, the Healthy Harvest community of friends and family. I am thinking of naming the farm Mountain Rose Farm, but I would love to hear other creative ideas for names!!
Next time you are in the shop, let me know your idea!
   I want to thank all the folks who have offered to help on the farm.
(Ya know, I'll probably take you up on it!) The farm is a place for us  to grow, not only food, but to grow as a community and to have positive experiences within nature; a place where young people can walk barefoot, put their hands in the dirt and eat organic cucumbers and tommy toes straight from the vine, absorbing all the vital nutrients from fresh organic food and the sheer life force that fresh (really fresh) food provides; a place where our elders who may live in town without a place to garden can come and tell us how they see things. Young people are incredible teachers, our elders are great treasures. 
      My family have always been active participants in the organic gardening community. My Mom and Dad were avid fans of reading Mother Earth News for gardening and sustainability tips as well as utilizing the technology of Rudolf Steiner in order to bring our gardens to life in more ways than one.
Sometimes as a kid I would walk through the fields and see some of the most elaborate contraptions designed to catch rain water, irrigate the gardens, encourage earth worm proliferation and to keep our compost healthy!
   Now when I think of those days, I am reminded of the magical interplay of water, sunlight, oxygen, earth, minerals and human effort that made our gardens, not only expressions of artistry and care, but the grounds on which my passion for now owning a health food store, for continuing to grow organic foods and for working as an organic food activist were built. These are some of my greatest memories of childhood.  There are new generations of kids and what better for our collective future than to do what we can to connect them to the living Earth through gardening and by having fun and meaningful experiences within nature?! We musn't forget our elders, as this healing is for them too.
   Our  friend and customer Calvin, every year for the past six years, has brought me jalapeno pepper plants. You see, Calvin loves jalapeno peppers. His health isn't what it used to be and he doesn't have a place to garden so he has counted on me to plant the plants and grow the peppers for him to enjoy.
   For the past few years I have lived in Connestee Falls and leased farm land from the lovely Johnson family. The Johnson family have owned land on East Fork for generations and have been very kind to share their land with me.    Now I have found a place of my own with enough land to expand our local organic gardening operation and it has a house to boot! I am looking forward to inviting Calvin over to be a part of the growing process of his jalapenos, have him sit on the porch and tell us stories of his days in the Navy while we shuck our non-GMO heirloom corn and enjoy a glass of lemonade!
   There is a really great barn on the property, that's where the goats and chickens will live...but that's a story for another day!
   You know, microcosm, macrocosm, wholistic, however we want to term it, the past few years have been just that...a growing process...not just for pepper plants but for all of us.
   It is pretty cool to take a moment and reflect on the evolution of ourselves as beings, as individuals, as a group, as a community and as a species.
   When it seems that the television and the news programs only have horror to report, when we take a moment and go outside, whether it is to sit by a mountain stream or just take a look around our own backyards and gardens, all that weight of what is wrong with the world suddenly lifts from our shoulders and we can take a deep breath and know that somehow, everything is going to be alright.
From that place of peace we can do whatever it is we want to do. We can look at our neighbor with love. We can be active in fulfilling our dreams and also in changing the world.
   For me, I am an optimist, there is no doubt about that, and I truly believe that we can turn things around and make this ol' world a place that we can feel good about. Good health is a part of that so let's keep the pesticides, GMOs, artificial flavorings and colorings out of our bodies, eat well, drink water, 
be pH balanced, exercise, take our supplements, work, live, laugh, love and continue making our dreams come true!
Be well!


February 2018
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Saturday, April 22nd-

Celebrate Earth Day at Healthy Harvest!
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And be sure to check out Earth Day events at Brevard College, Saturday, April 22nd 
interactive workshops, 
information on green living and live music!

Friday, April 28- 
Brevard Elementary Health Fair 
and Color Run
Healthy Harvest is a proud sponsor of this healthy and fun event! We'll be there with a fun and informative information booth! 
Bee there!

Saturday, April 29-
Transylvania Women in Business Showcase
Healthy Harvest is a participant in this wonderful event honoring women in business in Transylvania County.
For more details, please visit:

Assault on the Carolinas Bike Ride this year
supported over 1,200 riders with all proceeds benefiting local charities!


New Year!!!!!
It's snowing!!! Yippeee!!!

December 2016
Happy Holidays!!!

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Healthy Harvest Natural Foods To Present Free Educational Seminar

Healthy Harvest Natural Foods of Brevard is hosting a free educational
community seminar titled, "The Benefits of Adrenal Health,"
with Brian Hampton of Gaia Herbs, Thursday, June 23, at 12:00 p.m.
The adrenal glands are endocrine glands that produce a variety of hormones
including adrenaline and cortisol. 
Optimal adrenal gland function has been shown to assist a person in
maintaining a healthy response to stress.
Often times when stress occurs, both physical stress from overwork or emotional stress,
it can have further physical and emotional effects,
often times debilitating effects such as Adrenal Fatigue.
Many people wish to have "the energy they once had,"
and look for quick results in "something to give them energy."
Quick fixes such as caffeine are often times unsustainable.
Supporting the body's systems that aid the body in reacting and normalizing
as stress occurs in daily life, such as the adrenal glands, 
can be an important step in maintaining a healthy response to stress
and overall well being.
During this seminar, Mr. Hampton will speak about the 
functions of the adrenal glands
as well as introduce and educate upon Gaia Herbs's new Adrenal Health
and Daily Wellness supplements.
Gaia Herbs is a local manufacturer of herbal supplements
and many of the herbs they use in their formulations are grown locally and
organically on their farm in Brevard, NC.
To reserve your seat for this free community seminar,
please call Healthy Harvest Natural Foods at 828-885-2599.

Join us Saturday 6/4 at the

Transylvania Farmers Market 
the Farmers Market's
Health Fair!
Highlights from the Health Fair will
Chair massage; blood pressure/
blood sugar screenings; free yoga classes;
a zumba class; qigong and
healthy cooking demos
in addition to all of wonderful
local and organic vendors
providing lots of healthy goodies 
for the entire family!
Be sure to swing
by the
Healthy Harvest tent
to say "Hi!" 

See ya at the Farmer's Market!
This Saturday 6/4/16
8:00am- 12:00pm

June 2016 at
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April 2016


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Open Pollinated
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March 2016


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The 17th Assault on the Carolinas
Bike Race will be on Saturday, 
April 9th, 2016. 

The Assault on the Carolinas is the annual fundraiser for the 
Rotary Club of Pisgah Forest.  
All proceeds go to local charities.

Healthy Harvest Natural Foods is a proud sponsor.

For more information go to:

February 2016

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Join us Saturday, February 13th
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This years' theme is:

Be the Love You Want to See in the World

From noon to 4:00pm on Saturday, February 13th,

come by & "be the love" with us as we gather in
community, enjoying lovely 
locally prepared foods
from Wild Indigo Catering 
and fine, fine local music 
from the ever amazing 
and love filled soul of the 
Moon Shine Babies.
there will be cupcakes!

Gluten-Free and Vegan options, 
delicious locally raised 
beef satay skewers,
a beautiful Mediterranean hummus dip 
chocked full of organic veggies,
home made pita chips,
locally roasted organic coffee 
and more!

This is event is totally free and is our 
way of saying 
"thank you" 
for your support. 
Come on by! 

It's a great time to 
nourish body and soul.
Here's to love and well-being in the world, from our little slice of heaven, here in Brevard, NC!

Love y'all!

New Year!!!


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not scientific. The fact of the matter is that for most common illnesses
there is greater support in the medical literature for a natural approach
than there is for drugs or surgery.”— Dr. Michael Murray

A past post that Dr. Murray has again addressed-

Happy August!!!

Time to get in our fall gardens!

Organic seeds and local organic
plant starts arriving daily!!!

Great to see y'all today at the Farmer's Market!

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"Medicines from the Earth"
Herbal Symposium in
Black Mountain, NC

For more details please visit:

eta: Gaia Farm tour is available to symposium attendees only, please check the link above for details.

Free Educational Seminar

~Healthy Harvest Natural Foods~

Want to Generate Lost Collagen?

Know the Facts-

The Science of Collagen

with Kara Comp

Monday, May 16th

12:00 noon- 1:00pm

Find out why eating collagen or taking collagen pills derived from animal ingredients may not be as effective as stimulating the body’s own fibroblasts, responsible for generating collagen in human skin; and the body’s own osteoblasts, responsible for generating collagen in human bone.

This seminar is about clearing up the myths and misconceptions about collagen as Ms. Comp gives us researched data, shares insight into that data
and introduces us to Biosil.

Biosil, a dietary supplement, contains ch-OSA.

So, what is ch-OSA?

ch-OSA or choline-stabilized OrthoSilicic Acid as it is known in the medical journals, is BioSil’s clinically proven complex that turns on the fibroblasts in skin and osteoblasts in bone that generate collagen. Research on ch-OSA began over two decades ago by a European Pharmaceutical company headquartered in Belgium. There, a team of molecular biologists began looking for ways to “re-spark” the fibroblasts – safely. After 5 painstaking years, and hundreds of trials, they believed they had identified the specific complex that generates collagen – in humans, ch-OSA. University conducted, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials were immediately performed. When the clinical trial results came in, their hypotheses was confirmed. ch-OSA had been clinically proven to increase collagen formation, increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, thicken and strengthen hair, increase bone collagen formation, and increase bone mineral density. You can find the stunning results of the ch-OSA clinical trials in peer-reviewed medical journals. It’s no wonder why BioSil continues to be the #1 Collagen Product in the world, as it actually generates the collagen you need. Excerpt from
To see the clinical trials go to:  

To learn more, attend this free educational seminar at Healthy Harvest. Reserve your seat today!

Friday June 3- Monday June 6

Medicines from the Earth
Herbal Symposium
at the Blue Ridge Assembly
Register Now!

Saturday April 9th-
17th annual
Assault on the Carolinas
Bike Race

Healthy Harvest is a 
proud sponsor

 Saturday April 16th-
Women in Business Showcase
at the Connestee Falls

Congratulations Joy on the publication of your
beautiful new book!

Oct 2- 4
Southeast Wise Women 
~ Herbal Conference ~
For additional details and registration, please visit
from the website:

Welcome, wonderful women! What a joy it is to be coming together again to celebrate our strength, beauty, and diversity and connect with the Earth in such a meaningful way.

This year, as always, we are honoring women of all ages and stages, but we’re particularly turning our grateful gaze to our elders—to the grandmothers—and to the traditions and insights they bring to us. The 2015 classes include themes honoring the traditional earth-based and herbal wisdom of women from Latin America and Africa, to the Appalachians; from the slavery era to the women’s movements.

We are delighted to have Rosemary Gladstar, a grandmother of modern American herbalism, joining us--including a presentation for all on Saturday evening, sharing stories and pictures of the foremothers of herbalism
that have inspired her!

As we turn attention to honoring the grandmothers, we acknowledge the rich heritage of women of many colors and ethnicities that are represented among us. In these times, our staff group has been studying impacts of racism and white privilege, a process which we’ve found deeply enriching and moving. We invite you to join us in this exploration as we turn our attention to addressing racial equality within our natural health communities, with singer and social activist Amikaeyla Gaston
of the World Trust Organization.

Come, join us for an exciting and inspiring weekend, filled with many opportunities to learn, grow and explore with our extraordinary faculty and with each other.

 ~ Corinna, Ema, Renee, and Kifu

Healthy Harvest is a proud sponsor of the
Mountain Song Festival!

Can't wait to see you at the Healthy Harvest table,
Sunday April 19th at the Porter Center (Brevard College) for the Transylvania Choral Society's
"Earth Song" Spring Concert!

Samples, Info, Literature, Tree Hugs & Smiles Provided! :)

Happy Earth Day!!!

Excerpt from the Transylvania Times
April 9, 2015

Transylvania Choral Society to Present 
Earth Day Concert

Transylvania Choral Society (TCS) is hosting an Earth Day Expo at the Brevard College Porter Center from 2-4 p.m. Sunday, April 19, in keeping with the focus of their “Earth Song” spring concert.

Individuals, organizations, and businesses that are active in environmental conservation and healthy living practices will have displays in the lobby and will provide information about their earth-friendly activities.

TCS invites the community to come and see how to get involved. The expo is free and open to the public. Doors to the concert hall will open at 2:30 for seating for the 3 p.m. concert. Tickets for the concert will be available at the door.

The 45th anniversary of Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22. This celebration of environmental conservation has grown to be an international movement supporting the reduction of pollution, environmentally conscious living practices, and stewardship of our planet.

This program has pieces about the earth, world, mountain, pasture and garden and all things in nature. The Brevard College Chamber Singers, 2015 Scholarship Recipient, joins the choral group and the Earth Day Expo explores our environmental experiences.

Saturday April 18
Season's Open
of the 

Transylvania County
Farmer's Market

& Earth Day Celebration!!!
Healthy Harvest is a proud Premier Sponsor of the Transylvania Farmer's Market!

April 22
Bring Your Own

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Bring your own bags everyday
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You are Invited!

Where: Healthy Harvest
When: May 1st, 1:00 pm

Brian Hampton of Brevard's very own
Gaia Herbs
will be discussing 

Supreme Line!
Samples of the new Turmeric Boost,
(mixed with a little coconut, almond or flax milk...yum!)

will be provided during Mr. Hampton's presentation!

This event is free to the community.
~Please call Healthy Harvest at
828-885-2599 to register~

Happy 2015!!!

Wishing You a Happy, 
 Healthy and Bountiful
New Year!!

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Quick Defense.

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Healthy Harvest Natural Foods to Present Free Seminar- "A Compass for Aging Wisely"

Is “elderhood” a golden age of leisure and freedom or is it just a series of trials and tribulations;  or maybe it is some of both?  Healthy Harvest Natural Foods is presenting a seminar led by  Susan Petersen (76) and her husband Tom Mahan (85) who are advocates of the last third of life as the time for blossoming and savoring life.  They, like most who are recipients of Social Security and Medicare, have known  major stressors which health professionals list as high risk to our health:  death of loved ones, divorce, serious physical disease or disability, moving, financial crises and the like.   Nonetheless, Tom and Susan propose that there are effective ways to navigate through the rapids and rocks of life with an attitude that proclaims the preciousness of each day.

Susan Petersen, a retired licensed massage therapist with a background in nutrition and Tom Mahan, a retired licensed clinical psychologist and university dean/professor, have put together a program, A Compass for Aging Wisely, with four basic “points” that will provide direction toward  satisfying and productive  years in what some refer to as the twilight time of life.  Based upon their own life and professional experiences along with reading and thought, Petersen and Mahan describe those four basic points as:  Taking Control, Letting Go, Building/Re-building Social Bridges, and Befriending Death.

Participants will journey with the presenters through these four responses to the challenges of aging, looking at burdens such as feelings of isolation, of being overwhelmed, of physical and or emotional helplessness, of guilt and/or anger over lost relationships, of depression and despair, of the fear of death.  Often such feelings haunt and cripple us.  The seminar will suggest specific, concrete, self-initiated interventions to turn such burdens into positive experiences;  Susan and Tom will also entertain questions after each of the four “points.”

The seminar will be held at Healthy Harvest Natural Foods, Friday, November 14 at 12:00 noon. This event is free to the community and open to all interested. For more information and to reserve your seat, call Healthy Harvest at 828-885-2599

October 2014

"Chair-ity Transformed"

An Evening of Art
to Support the
Transylvania County 
Arts Council

Sunday, October 12
5:00- 8:00 PM
44 E. Main St., Brevard

A beautiful Healthy Harvest gift basket will be one of many items included in the silent auction! See ya there!

For details and to purchase tickets go to:

October 10-12
Black Mountain, NC

The South East Women's 
Herbal Conference

This year is the 10 year anniversary of this amazing tradition.

The Herbal Conference is a weekend for women to learn, celebrate, and connect. Women come from the Southeast and beyond to learn about herbal medicine and women’s health in a vibrant, joyful, and loving community. Come experience for yourself why the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference is among the world's most popular herbal events!

For more details, please visit:

Oct. 8- Stella to present her seminar
"Living in Wellness,"
to members
of the Presbyterian Church in Brevard

Oct 22- Healthy Harvest will be at the
City of Brevard Health Fair,
sponsored by the City of Brevard
for City Employees.

Healthy Harvest Natural Foods to Present Free Educational Seminar


Healthy Harvest Natural Foods of Brevard will present a free educational community seminar titled, 
"Optimizing Your Essential Fatty Acids,"  with Dr. Herb Joiner-Bey, Friday, September 26 at 4:00 PM.


Many have heard of the health benefits of Omega 3 oils found in fish and fish oil dietary supplements, as well as the benefits of flax seed, flax seed oil, evening primrose oil, borage oil, chia seed 
and the very popular, coconut oil.

Healthy Harvest will be hosting Dr. Herb Joiner-Bey as he addresses the health benefits of all the essential fatty acids including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. Dr Joiner-Bey will also discuss ways to optimize the synergy of these essential fatty acids (EFAs) 
with regard to cardiovascular health, 
brain function and the body's response to inflammation.

Dr. Herb Joiner-Bey is a naturopathic physician who serves as a medical science consultant and has conducted countless seminars and presentations for health professionals and the public across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Dr. Joiner-Bey received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from John Hopkins University and his N.D. degree (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) from Bastyr University in Seattle. He is also a graduate of the Professional Course in Classical Homeopathy at the International Foundation for Homeopathy. 

Join us for this exciting and educational event! 
Samples of EFA oils will be provided for tasting!

Call Healthy Harvest at
to reserve your seat or email 

Friday September 12 

and Saturday September 13

The Mountain Song Festival

Brevard Music Center, Brevard, NC

Healthy Harvest is a proud sponsor of the Mountain Song Festival, a local eclectic musical gathering to benefit the
Cindy Platt Boys and Girls Club of
Transylvania County.

For more details please visit:

We look forward to Mountain Song all year! See ya there!!

Past Events:

Saturday, May 24

Asheville, NC
Show Your Support for 
Healthy Foods & Planet Earth!

for details visit:

Tuesday, May 27th

Time: 12:00 noon
Place: Healthy Harvest Natural Foods
Transylvania Naturally to Present:
"Why Love Native Plants in Our Transylvania"
with special guest speaker
Susan Sunflower

May 30 through June 2
Blue Ridge Assembly,
Black Mountain, NC

Medicines From The Earth 
Herbal Symposium

Monday, June 9
12:00 noon
Connestee Falls, Brevard, NC

Lunch and Learn
with Stella Godwin

of Healthy Harvest
Natural Foods
Great food and conversation as we learn more on the wholistic benefits of eating organically, supporting our bodies with herbal supplementation,
exercise and proper rest as well as  the
mental, spiritual and physical benefits of
growing our own organic foods!

Call Healthy Harvest at 885-2599 for details

What You Should Know
About GMOs
Free Educational Community
Event ~ Brevard, NC
Sponsored by Healthy Harvest Natural Foods

A shout out to Wild Indigo Catering for the treats, 
Ms. Louise for bringing her passion, Jeanette and Kim for hanging all those posters :) 
Linda and Steph for rockin' the book table, Trish for the wonderful introduction, 
Rob Travis for snapping photos, John Felty for the incredible sound and to everyone who sent emails, posted to fb, watched documentaries, showed documentaries and got involved
Thank you!

Thank you
Jeffrey Smith!
And thank you to everyone who attended the
educational community event
"What You Should Know About GMOs,"
sponsored by Healthy Harvest at Haen Gallery in Brevard.
We set up 180 chairs, luckily brought 20 extra chairs just in case. By 6:45 we brought in the extra chairs as the 180 were already filled! Many were willing to stand or find a spot in the floor to listen.  Jeffrey M. Smith, our guest speaker, was AMAZING as he shared with us his wisdom on the
health and environmental impact of GMOs.
Mr. Smith has collected data from scientists, doctors, nutritionists and farmers, compiled the data and presented it to millions, including the 220 of us!
We honor his unique and undeniable
passion for helping others.

For more information on Jeffrey Smith,
Institute for Responsible Technology and how you can get involved in helping us to shift the food paradigm to one which promotes
health and well being for all
please visit

 Stella Godwin and Jeffrey Smith at Healthy Harvest

Here's to sustainable organic agriculture!!
Peace, love & veggies!

Event Poster
Click here to open jpg poster

Event Page

Staff Favorite Educational Films on the health and environmental effects of GMOs:
Genetic Roulette and
The Future of Food

Watch Genetic Roulette Online at
Websites for further education on GMOs and what you can do:

It's not just about GMO food.
There are some who think it is a good idea to plant genetically modified trees so that we can keep wasting paper and cardboard
or even have biomass to burn.
As a sustainable solution to GMO trees as well as a way for us to reduce landfill waste locally, Healthy Harvest has decided to do our part in reducing the amount of paper and plastic that we use by
reducing, reusing and recycling.

Reducing landfill waste together!
    We are doing this by:

Receiving emails rather than faxes.

We ask if you would like a credit card receipt rather than just printing one.

We ask if you would like to keep your register receipt or if you'd
like for us to recycle it.

We ask if you would like a bag rather than automatically giving you one.
As many of you already know,
sometimes a bag just isn't necessary.

Many of the companies that we choose to support use 100% post consumer recycled materials in shipping and printing as well as compostable packaging.
Some of these same companies use
solar and wind power
to partially fuel their facilities.

A leader in utilizing clean energy for production is Country Life,
a maker of high quality
(non-petroleum based) supplements.
Country Life takes non-petroleum based supplements to a whole other level!
Now, that's wholistic!

We recycle or reuse
all cardboard on a daily basis
as well as recycle empty vitamin bottles,
drink bottles and cans.

We ask that you bring back your egg cartons so that they may be reused by our local egg provider, Calees Coops.
Thanks everyone for doing this!

We offer bulk foods, etc., including bulk soaps and lotion that may be filled again and again in reusable containers...

but there is more we can do!
Introducing the Healthy Harvest Clean Bag Initiative!

Transylvania Times- 2 January 2014-

Pictorial Summary Transylvania Times- 16 January 2014

A wonderfully written synopsis of the event:

(though I would like to clarify)
In this wonderful synopsis, Mr. Winchester writes that Jeffrey said Companies like Target will remove all GMO products in the year 2014. What Jeffrey said was that Target announced that they will be removing GMOs from one of their new signature brands...
This is very good news! For more info:
We first proposed this initiative on Earth Day 2013.
Everyone who came in brought their own
reusable shopping bag!

Not one person accepted a plastic
or paper grocery bag.
It was glorious and we began to think, wouldn't it be great if we saw this many reusable bags everyday?!
So with your help, we started the
HH clean bag initiative!

Bring your own Reusable Grocery Bag when you shop at Healthy Harvest Natural Foods
and save $.10 on your purchases!
Bring your own peanut butter container
and not only save money and reduce packaging by buying in bulk,
but also save $.10 on your purchase!
Bring your own reusable bulk foods bags and save $.5 on your purchases!

Source Reduction (reduce and reuse)
is a solution.
Because source reduction actually prevents the generation of waste in the first place, it comes before other management options that deal with trash after it is already generated. After source reduction, recycling and composting are the preferred waste management options because they reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and conserve resources.

3 Ways to Slash Your Trash

Zero waste programs are taking hold around the world, helping communities reuse, recycle, compost or avoid nearly all materials that otherwise go into landfills.
Here's how you can go zero waste at home!

Admit it — you take out the trash and try not to look at how much garbage you create in your house.
But zero waste experts say Americans need to stop looking the other way
and start seeing opportunities to be part of the solution.
“Each American creates about a ton of garbage every year, and about 90 percent of that is reusable, recyclable or compostable,” says Eric Lombardi, executive director at EcoCycle, a nonprofit zero-waste service in Boulder, Colo.
“We have a system that takes a valuable resource from nature, uses it once and then destroys it.
We need to stop managing waste and start eliminating waste.”
Zero waste advocates aim to put the world on that path by promoting reuse, recycling, composting or rethinking of most materials that otherwise go into landfills.
America is recycling about 30 percent of its waste — but countries including Germany, Canada, Holland, Japan, the Philippines, Norway and New Zealand have successfully implemented comprehensive zero waste policies that eliminate 80 percent or more of all landfill waste.
U.S. cities including San Francisco, Seattle, and Boulder, Colo., have adopted zero waste programs.
While most U.S. communities still lack commercial zero waste pickup services like EcoCycle,
experts we talked to say there’s a lot you can do right now to get closer to zero waste!
1. Reduce, reuse and recycle
(in that order).
Even the most efficient recycling process uses energy and resources that can often be avoided.
“First reduce your waste by choosing products that use less packaging and by reusing items whenever you can,”
says Robin Burton, EcoCycle’s zero waste program administrator.
Here are some ideas for reducing and reusing:
Use reusable water bottles made from materials like stainless steel vs. buying disposable plastic-bottled water.
Use a refillable coffee mug vs. paper cups.

Keep a clean reusable container in your car so it’s easy to grab for carrying leftovers when you eat out.

Keep reusable shopping bags or old paper or plastic ones in your car or bag so they’re convenient when you shop.
Buy in bulk and avoid single-serving packages.

Avoid processed and frozen foods whenever you can; their packaging creates excessive and hard-to recycle waste.

Look for ways to reuse containers. Large plastic tubs make great storage containers for toys or crafting supplies.

Use rechargeable batteries. You'll save $200 a year by using them instead of disposables in just one CD player used two hours a day, reports Earth 911.

Grow some organic vegetables at home to reduce your usage of produce packaging.

“Precycle” by choosing products and packaging made with recycled content.

If you don’t like how a company is packaging their product, tell them — and opt for an eco-friendlier alternative.
Sell, exchange or give away your unwanted items. Have a garage sale, ask friends and neighbors, or take advantage of an online reusable-items exchange program such as FreeCycle.
While reducing and reusing should come first, recycling is still important — and it’s worth the effort. Recycling uses 40 to 95 percent less energy than manufacturing with raw materials, according to The National Recycling Coalition.
And EcoCycle reports that recycling creates 10 to 25 jobs for every one job in landfilling.
Recycling also helps fight climate change: If you recycle just half your household waste, you’ll reduce your carbon dioxide footprint by 2,400 pounds —
more than the emissions from a commercial flight from New York to Los Angeles.
“Be sure you’re informed about what your recycler collects,” advises Burton. “It’s usually better not to put something in the bin if you’re not sure it’s recyclable. Handling those items adds costs to recycling,” she adds, noting that plastic containers are a common trouble area. Contact your collection service for a guide to what they accept and how to sort it. For items your curbside service won’t accept, look for a drop-off center or other
alternatives to the landfill.
Earth 911 offers a national directory of companies that accept hard-to-recycle items such as cell phones, computers and packing materials.
They’ll also help you find a curbside service if your neighborhood doesn’t have a regular pickup service.
2. Start composting at home. 
“Landfills are sealed over every day,” Lombardi points out. “In that environment, organic waste like food scraps and yard waste creates methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. But if it’s made into compost instead, organic waste can return valuable nutrients to soil.” “Some people think of composting as kind of a ‘hippie’ thing to do,” says Burton. “But it’s actually pretty simple to set up a composting area in your backyard, and it’s not smelly the way you might think. You can turn vegetable scraps, used paper towels and egg shells into a really valuable soil amendment.”
Excellent site for composting at home!
Benefits of Composting:
Soil conditioner. With compost, you are creating rich humus for lawn and garden.
This adds nutrients to your plants and helps retain moisture in the soil.
Recycles kitchen and yard waste.
Composting can divert as much as 30% of household waste away from the garbage can.
Introduces beneficial organisms to the soil. Microscopic organisms in compost help aerate the soil, break down organic material for plant use and ward off plant disease.
Good for the environment. Composting offers a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers.
Reduces landfill waste. Most landfills in North America are quickly filling up; many have already closed down.
One-third of landfill waste is made up of compostable materials.
3. Ask for zero waste programs in your community and at work.
If you can’t find zero waste or composting pickup services in your area, write to the office that oversees waste management in your community (usually the city council or county supervisor’s office).
The Grassroots Recycling Network offers resources including a model resolution, zero waste event guide,
and zero waste tool kit for local governments. - Grass Roots Recycling Network
If your office is recycling only paper, talk to your office manager about recycling glass and plastic bottles, aluminum, and steel, which can be collected. Then encourage your company to ask waste haulers and city officials for commercial collection of additional recyclables, as well as compost.
Excerpted materials by Mary Jo Cameron and from the following resources: - Grass Roots Recycling Network - Zero Waste Alliance USA - Zero Waste International Alliance - Earth Easy Solutions for Sustainable Living
How we can reduce landfill waste locally!!!


Hawthorn Tree in bloom

Heart Health
Summary of the important clinical effects of Hawthorn:
(Christopher Hobbs LAc, AHG)

1. It dilates the arteries that supply the heart muscle itself with blood, oxygen, and fuel, providing a better supply of these essential nutrients. This results, with continued use, in a stronger, more efficient heart beat.

2. It acts as a powerful free-radical scavenger, protecting the heart against the harmful effects of lessened oxygen--a common result of vascular disease, such as atherosclerosis.

3. It can help steady the heartbeat, if it is irregular, and does not lead to dependence.

4. It has mild sedative activity, which may be useful where mild heart disease is combined with nervousness, hypochondria, etc., in which case it can be combined with lavender or lemon balm.

In this modern age with its times of stress and anxiety, it is reassuring that nature has provided such a gentle yet effective cardiovascular protector as hawthorn.

Marke the faire blooming of the Hawthorne tree
Who finely cloathed in a robe of white,
Fills full the wanton eye with May's delight.

Cardiovascular Health Tips
by Tony Isaacs,
Natural Health Author, Advocate and Researcher

The arteries are major blood vessels that the heart uses to pump blood from the heart to the rest of the body. Over time, arterial walls can become congested with a fatty substance known as plaque. When this happens to a severe point, the arteries may begin to harden and the blood flow can become compromised and ultimately result in a heart attack. Mainstream medicine's approach for treating plaque is to use drugs or surgery. However, there are natural ways to prevent and remove plaque.

As is the case when addressing many health concerns, exercise and diet can play major roles in avoiding and reducing plaque. Exercise is already known for many benefits to the body such as reducing risk factors for disease, better mental function, and weight control. Exercise can also improve your circulation which can help reduce plaque. According to the Mayo Clinic,
you can do this by getting 30 to 60 minutes of exercise on most days of the week.

When it comes to diet, what you avoid is equally important as what you eat. Many foods that are high in saturated fat and cholesterol can cause plaque to build up. Some examples include deep fried foods, foods that are high in trans fats, refined foods, and processed foods. Alcohol should also be avoided and red meat should be avoided or
eaten in very small portions.

Foods that are nutrient dense, high in fiber, low in sodium and low in saturated fat help avoid and reduce arterial plaque. Fiber helps block the intestinal absorption of cholesterol. It also makes you feel full longer which can result in less overall calorie consumption. Some examples of fiber-rich foods include organic (non-GMO) whole grains, organic fruits and vegetables.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential fats that the body cannot make on its own. They can be found in supplements and also in foods like cold water fish, walnuts, flax seeds and healthy oils such as olive oil. Fish oil supplements can lower blood pressure and reduce arterial plaque and they also lower triglycerides.

Niacin raises HDL, which is known as "good cholesterol". HDL cholesterol removes bad LDL cholesterol and arterial plaque. According to the FDA, "Niacin is the best agent known to raise blood levels of HDL, which helps remove cholesterol deposits from the artery walls."

Vitamin C is crucial in repair and healing of the endothelial layer of cells inside of coronary and carotid arteries. When this layer is not maintained properly by the body, it can become the site for lesions that begin the process of atherosclerosis.

Coenzyme Q10 strengthens arteries and veins and cleans out accumulated plaque.

Digestive enzymes help break down the food our body does not digest. When taken on an empty stomach, they enter the bloodstream intact. As they circulate, they remove toxins and break down the fats responsible for plaque formation. Digestive enzymes in supplements and raw foods help prevent heart disease.

Serrapeptase is a particularly potent digestive enzyme when it comes to dissolving arterial plaque. It has the unique ability to digest non-living tissue that is a by-product of the healing response
without harming living tissue. Serrapeptase is used to dissolve non-living tissues to include: scar tissue, fibrosis, blood clots, cysts and arterial plaque.

Some herbal remedies can also help fight plaque by improving circulation, reducing blood clots, lowering cholesterol and reducing stress. The herb hawthorn helps remove plaque blockages by widening blood vessels. Horsetail is rich in silica and can aid removal of plaque by strengthening artery walls.

Other helpful herbs include
 ashwagandha, ginger, garlic and guggul.





Pics of some our most beloved immune enhancing herbs!

Echinacea Purpurea

Elderberry (Sambucus Nigra)


We have a lot of news products, as usual, but I would like to highlight a few local products...
Broo shampoos and conditioners are locally made using craft beer. Yes beer. We do not sell beer, as I would feel strange selling you liver cleansing books and kidney support herbs and beer BUT shampoo made from beer seemed like a good idea! It makes sense...have you ever heard that beer was good for your hair? Kind of how people say that mayonnaise is good for the hair, I have heard that beer makes a great hair rinse, so when I learned of a locally made shampoo which incorporated the concept of a beer rinse, I had to try it...and it is awesome!
Skin Food, another local body care product is amazing. It is a salve that can be used for cuts, scars
and even chapped lips. It is 100% organic and has really nice packaging.
Gallo Lea is a small independent local company which is producing organic pizza kits!
This is a review from their web site:
Thank you so much for the pizza kits, and I have wonderful news ... not that you'll be surprised ... they're WONDERFUL. I was truly shocked at how easy they both were. I made a whole wheat and a gluten free for my parents, and I made them try each and give me their reviews. They really liked both pizzas, but they liked the gluten free the best. I think that speaks so well of your product.
Juli Anne P.
A delicious gluten-free pizza?! See, the world is changing for the better!
Gluten-Free foods really have come a long way. I enjoy gluten free food daily and I have no gluten sensitivity, I just like the way it tastes! Sami's gluten free cookies are incredible as well as Sami's breads and brownies.
The Sami's gluten free cookies that we carry also happen to be vegan!
Speaking of vegan, we have tons of vegan foods at Healthy Harvest Natural Foods.
A simple definition of a vegan food is a food that contains no meat or animal products.
Examples of animal products are eggs and dairy (milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, whey, casein). If it came from an animal in any way, it is not vegan. This includes fowl (chicken & turkey) and fish.
If it had eyes and a mother, if it hatched from an egg, it is not vegan. If it is made from milk, it is not vegan. If it is a liquid, egg, or any substance that came from an animal, fish or bird it is not vegan. Therefore, technically, fish oils are not vegan. Gelatin is not vegan. Gelatin is a translucent, flavorless solid substance derived mainly inside pig skin and cattle bones. And just to be thorough (although this is applicable to only the strictest vegan) but some folks consider honey and beeswax to be animal products and will not use either. This is mainly for ethical reasons as my friend Guinevere explained to me. Some bee keepers, not our local bee keepers and honey producers, but large honey farms...yes there are honey factory farms...but those types of factory farms mistreat their bees as some large factory farms mistreat their cattle, hogs and chickens.
Most vegans that I know will use honey and bee products as they buy locally, and the reason they are vegan is for health reasons. For example, dairy (milk) products are known to cause mucous buildup in the body and exacerbate sinus issues. Dairy and meat are both acidic to the body and can throw the body's internal pH into imbalance. Meats have been known to cause a plethora of issues including cardiovascular issues. For further education, please read The China Study. The China Study is a 2004 book by T. Colin Campbell, Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University, and his son, Thomas M. Campbell II, a physician.
Basically, a vegan is someone who enjoys a plant based diet. Grains and beans are vegan, nuts are vegan, vegetables are vegan, vegetable oils are vegan, seeds and seed oils are vegan (such as flax), dark chocolate (also known as cacao) is vegan, berries (such as goji berries) are vegan, fruits are vegan, stevia, molasses and xylitol are vegan, Earth Balance spread (a butter substitute made from non-hydrogenated vegetable oils) is vegan as well as tofu and tempeh. Vegan cheeses are also available as they are made from seed, nut, grain and legume "milk".
Soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, flax milk, hemp milk and oat milk are vegan as these liquids are not really milk, they are made from boiling seeds, nuts, grains and/or legumes and collecting the juices.
The difference between a vegan and a vegetarian is that a vegan eats no meat or animal products, a vegetarian simply eats no meat, including fish and chicken.
A person eats that eats no other meats, only fish is called a pescotarian.
If you have any questions on vegan or vegetarian foods, please feel free to ask! We are happy to show you our animal-free products.
We have tons of recipe books too!!
We also carry organic turkey, bacon, sausage and grass-fed ground beef and hotdogs as well as local free range eggs from Calee's Coops and local honey from Busy Bee Farm, Cornercopia Farm and our house honey which is gathered near Max Patch, NC.
For those eating more raw foods and juicing,
I will be doing a special orders for Vitamixes and dehydrators. If anyone is interested in getting a Vitamix or dehydrator, please let me know.
We presently have a selection of juicers, wheatgrass juicers, yogurt makers and nut/seed/grain/legume "milk" makers in stock!

One of my favorite poems by William Wordsworth~


      Five years have past; five summers, with the length
      Of five long winters! and again I hear
      These waters, rolling from their mountain-springs
      With a soft inland murmur.--Once again
      Do I behold these steep and lofty cliffs,
      That on a wild secluded scene impress
      Thoughts of more deep seclusion; and connect
      The landscape with the quiet of the sky.
      The day is come when I again repose
      Here, under this dark sycamore, and view                        10
      These plots of cottage-ground, these orchard-tufts,
      Which at this season, with their unripe fruits,
      Are clad in one green hue, and lose themselves
      'Mid groves and copses. Once again I see
      These hedge-rows, hardly hedge-rows, little lines
      Of sportive wood run wild: these pastoral farms,
      Green to the very door; and wreaths of smoke
      Sent up, in silence, from among the trees!
      With some uncertain notice, as might seem
      Of vagrant dwellers in the houseless woods,                     20
      Or of some Hermit's cave, where by his fire
      The Hermit sits alone.
                              These beauteous forms,
      Through a long absence, have not been to me
      As is a landscape to a blind man's eye:
      But oft, in lonely rooms, and 'mid the din
      Of towns and cities, I have owed to them
      In hours of weariness, sensations sweet,
      Felt in the blood, and felt along the heart;
      And passing even into my purer mind,
      With tranquil restoration:--feelings too                        30
      Of unremembered pleasure: such, perhaps,
      As have no slight or trivial influence
      On that best portion of a good man's life,
      His little, nameless, unremembered, acts
      Of kindness and of love. Nor less, I trust,
      To them I may have owed another gift,
      Of aspect more sublime; that blessed mood,
      In which the burthen of the mystery,
      In which the heavy and the weary weight
      Of all this unintelligible world,                               40
      Is lightened:--that serene and blessed mood,
      In which the affections gently lead us on,--
      Until, the breath of this corporeal frame
      And even the motion of our human blood
      Almost suspended, we are laid asleep
      In body, and become a living soul:
      While with an eye made quiet by the power
      Of harmony, and the deep power of joy,
      We see into the life of things.
                                       If this
      Be but a vain belief, yet, oh! how oft--                        50
      In darkness and amid the many shapes
      Of joyless daylight; when the fretful stir
      Unprofitable, and the fever of the world,
      Have hung upon the beatings of my heart--
      How oft, in spirit, have I turned to thee,
      O sylvan Wye! thou wanderer thro' the woods,
      How often has my spirit turned to thee!
        And now, with gleams of half-extinguished thought,
      With many recognitions dim and faint,
      And somewhat of a sad perplexity,                               60
      The picture of the mind revives again:
      While here I stand, not only with the sense
      Of present pleasure, but with pleasing thoughts
      That in this moment there is life and food
      For future years. And so I dare to hope,
      Though changed, no doubt, from what I was when first
      I came among these hills; when like a roe
      I bounded o'er the mountains, by the sides
      Of the deep rivers, and the lonely streams,
      Wherever nature led: more like a man                            70
      Flying from something that he dreads, than one
      Who sought the thing he loved. For nature then
      (The coarser pleasures of my boyish days,
      And their glad animal movements all gone by)
      To me was all in all.--I cannot paint
      What then I was. The sounding cataract
      Haunted me like a passion: the tall rock,
      The mountain, and the deep and gloomy wood,
      Their colours and their forms, were then to me
      An appetite; a feeling and a love,                              80
      That had no need of a remoter charm,
      By thought supplied, nor any interest
      Unborrowed from the eye.--That time is past,
      And all its aching joys are now no more,
      And all its dizzy raptures. Not for this
      Faint I, nor mourn nor murmur, other gifts
      Have followed; for such loss, I would believe,
      Abundant recompence. For I have learned
      To look on nature, not as in the hour
      Of thoughtless youth; but hearing oftentimes                    90
      The still, sad music of humanity,
      Nor harsh nor grating, though of ample power
      To chasten and subdue. And I have felt
      A presence that disturbs me with the joy
      Of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime
      Of something far more deeply interfused,
      Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns,
      And the round ocean and the living air,
      And the blue sky, and in the mind of man;
      A motion and a spirit, that impels                             100
      All thinking things, all objects of all thought,
      And rolls through all things. Therefore am I still
      A lover of the meadows and the woods,
      And mountains; and of all that we behold
      From this green earth; of all the mighty world
      Of eye, and ear,--both what they half create,
      And what perceive; well pleased to recognise
      In nature and the language of the sense,
      The anchor of my purest thoughts, the nurse,
      The guide, the guardian of my heart, and soul                  110
      Of all my moral being.
                              Nor perchance,
      If I were not thus taught, should I the more
      Suffer my genial spirits to decay:
      For thou art with me here upon the banks
      Of this fair river; thou my dearest Friend,
      My dear, dear Friend; and in thy voice I catch
      The language of my former heart, and read
      My former pleasures in the shooting lights
      Of thy wild eyes. Oh! yet a little while
      May I behold in thee what I was once,                          120
      My dear, dear Sister! and this prayer I make,
      Knowing that Nature never did betray
      The heart that loved her; 'tis her privilege,
      Through all the years of this our life, to lead
      From joy to joy: for she can so inform
      The mind that is within us, so impress
      With quietness and beauty, and so feed
      With lofty thoughts, that neither evil tongues,
      Rash judgments, nor the sneers of selfish men,
      Nor greetings where no kindness is, nor all                    130
      The dreary intercourse of daily life,
      Shall e'er prevail against us, or disturb
      Our cheerful faith, that all which we behold
      Is full of blessings. Therefore let the moon
      Shine on thee in thy solitary walk;
      And let the misty mountain-winds be free
      To blow against thee: and, in after years,
      When these wild ecstasies shall be matured
      Into a sober pleasure; when thy mind
      Shall be a mansion for all lovely forms,                       140
      Thy memory be as a dwelling-place
      For all sweet sounds and harmonies; oh! then,
      If solitude, or fear, or pain, or grief,
      Should be thy portion, with what healing thoughts
      Of tender joy wilt thou remember me,
      And these my exhortations! Nor, perchance--
      If I should be where I no more can hear
      Thy voice, nor catch from thy wild eyes these gleams
      Of past existence--wilt thou then forget
      That on the banks of this delightful stream                    150
      We stood together; and that I, so long
      A worshipper of Nature, hither came
      Unwearied in that service: rather say
      With warmer love--oh! with far deeper zeal
      Of holier love. Nor wilt thou then forget,
      That after many wanderings, many years
      Of absence, these steep woods and lofty cliffs,
      And this green pastoral landscape, were to me
      More dear, both for themselves and for thy sake!